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Michael D. Dunn

Michael Dunn was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota. He attended North Dakota State School of Science in Pre-Education, completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in art and physical education at Valley City State University and earned a Masters of Studio Art from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Michael has been a practicing professional artist and visual arts educator since 1975. His works include numerous local, regional and national exhibition awards. His work is in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Artist Statement

Visual perception at times can mislead us in the way we respond to an action, event or physical experience. To “look” refers merely to turning our vision towards an object. To “see” what we are looking at allows us to go beyond the obvious and get to the depths of its potential.

My work is about seeing beyond the obvious. It is about moving past the general perception of our prairie land being visually boring, plain and flat, and seeing its potential.

As I create paintings, I see the vast magnificent spaces. At times, I feel the emotion or sense of a particular place and often find myself not only being physically engaged, but emotionally and spiritually engaged as well.

Visual Arts Educator Statement

It is said that anyone can teach, but the qualities to be a successful teacher requires multiple skills. Teaching is more than knowing content. Empathy and compassion are two qualities I believe are very important in today’s classroom. The teachers’ roll has become much more complex over the years in meeting the needs of every child.

I am very blessed to be a visual arts educator and practicing professional artist. These two professions have allowed me to constantly refill my cup of knowledge. Having the opportunity to share my art and experiences with the students has been valuable for them as well as me. Sharing my artistic struggles and frustrations along with the excitements helps the students understand the process of learning. Allowing my students to see me as a student as well as a teacher adds a human element to their learning.